Dawn Clement


Pianist, singer, and composer, Dawn Clement has made a name for herself as a master musician whose exuberant and crowd-pleasing performances inspire others to greatness. She is one of the most sought-after performers in the Pacific Northwest.

Legendary jazz trombonist Julian Priester describes Dawn Clement’s music as uniquely heard. “In all this world of jazz, there are very few individual voices, no matter what the instrument,” the renowned musician and composer said. “But Dawn Clement has come up with a voice that’s unique. One can’t say that she sounds like Bud Powell or Oscar Peterson or the Herbie Hancocks or Chick Coreas or Keith Jarretts of the world. Dawn Clement’s music is uniquely heard. And that’s the thing that grabbed my attention.”

A joyously creative musician, Dawn Clement plays weekly at jazz clubs, art museums and theaters in Seattle. She has guested at jazz clubs in New York and performed at prestigious, international venues including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Le Conservatoire Superieur in Paris and Benaroya Hall in Seattle. She regularly performs with the Jane Ira Bloom Quartet.

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