Why Jazz Night School?

Jazz Night School is Seattle’s only all-ages jazz education organization. We offer classes that are geared to students of all levels.

Jazz Night School brings together musicians of all levels and ages to play together in a supportive environment that fosters growth and musicianship. By playing in ensembles and combos, students get valuable practical experience in theory and improvisation.

Our school offers great opportunities to meet other dedicated jazz students and artists. Playing in our combos, small jazz ensembles, or big bands is a fun way to share the common language of jazz through improvisation.

Our programs encourage students of all ages to learn and play jazz. Since we’re a truly all-ages program, students as young as 10 years old play with other students five times their age. Jazz Night School’s skills assessment ensures students of equal skill level sign up for appropriate classes, so everyone is on a level playing field, allowing students to learn together at a pace that’s right for them.

A core component to our education is performance. Every session culminates in a performance where students can demonstrate what they’ve learned over the course of their studies. We are also active in providing opportunities to play for private gigs, providing other valuable performance opportunities for students.

Individual growth as a musician is paramount to our educational goals. Students are encouraged to explore new opportunities to expand their musical knowledge through both ensemble playing as well as theory classes.

Empower students and focus on learning. We combine a structure of college-level methods with flexibility for individuals and their needs—and everyone’s effort is valued. Our courses are designed to provide students with the tools needed to improve their playing skills, allowing them to advance in a structured environment that allows freedom while encouraging development at each student’s individual pace.

“I am working to become a proficient, artistic player. JNS gives me real experience in this direction.” Glen Page