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March 19th, 2017 – 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Naomi Moon Siegel: Finding Balance in Improvisation – The Feminine Principle

Masculine and feminine principles have nothing to do with gender but provide balance and contrast in beautiful ways. Each of us is a unique expression of feminine and masculine. In a culture and music that tends to over-value masculine qualities, I am shedding more light and putting more value on the often overlooked feminine quality.

A lot of mainstream jazz and young students’ first introductions to jazz & improvisation highlight/value the masculine qualities of the music – virtuosic, verbose, lots of notes, high, fast, loud, flashy, complex, being a soloist. Some folks, like Sherrie Tucker, theorize over-masculinization in jazz began with the advent of bebop. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these masculine qualities – in fact they are necessary. But it’s equally important to balance them out with subtler feminine principles: listening, intuition, interconnectedness, community, space, darkness, back-body…. etc.

In this workshop, I direct participants in improvisation exercises to intentionally hold feminine qualities in their awareness as they play. Participants will gain new tools and ways to approach improvising, practicing, and performing.

Cost: $45

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