Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Cyd Smith began studying classical guitar in her early teens and majored in music at Stanford University. Early on in her musical explorations she discovered the rich treasury of American vintage popular and folk music, especially the jazz and swing music of the 20’s, 30's, and 40’s. Ever since she has delved deeply into the guitarists, vocalists, and songwriters of those eras. All these influences feed into her own genre-blending/bending songwriting.

Over the years she has performed with many luminaries of the national acoustic music scene, including Rebecca Kilgore, Casey MacGill, Russ Barenberg, Mary Flower, and Laurie Lewis. Her passion for teaching swing—and in particular making it accessible to beginning students—has made Cyd a favorite teacher at music camps through the US. The long list of camps she has taught at include the Puget Sound Workshop, Augusta Heritage Blues and Swing Workshop, Centrum Vintage Jazz Workshop, Colorado Roots Music Camp, Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop, Alaska Acoustic Guitar Camp, Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, California Coast Music Camp, and many more.