David Sandman

Private lessons available for: Guitar

David Sandman is a local guitarist and composer who has been playing and studying music since he was 8 years old.  Growing up he studied with local musicians such as John Hanberry, Ev Stern and Milo Peterson. In recent years, he has been a consistent presence in the local jazz scene.  David has led and co-lead a number of different groups in Seattle performing at local clubs, weddings and bars ranging in styles including jazz, funk, swing and old time string music.  Most notably he has hosted the local Thursday night jazz jam session for the past two years—currently residing at the The Lookout in Capitol Hill—and, since 2012, has played double bass for the ‘20s jazz and Appalachian fiddle music band Porterbelly.


David has devoted much of his life to studying music and, through his decades’ worth of study in the jazz vernacular and wide knowledge of music from the past hundred years, hopes to be able to impart this same drive to his students.