Spring Session: March 30 - June 8, 2019

Private Lesson
Room Rental/Referral Fees

Class ID:

Fee Types:

Room rental fees: On-site lessons
60 minutes $15.00
30 minutes $7.50

Referral fees: Off-site lessons referred by Jazz Night School
60 minutes $15.00
30 minutes $7.50

1) Login to the Jazz Night School booking calendar and review your bookings for the month so that you can pay for them.

2) Add the fee types used this month to your cart.

3) In the cart, adjust the quantities of each fee type.

4) If your hours do not match your booking calendar, explain any discrepancies in the order notes section of the cart. 

Room rental and referral fees are due within five (5) days of the end of the month.

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