Admin: New Quarter

Step 1 - Release Schedule

1. Create any missing orders for the current quarter. This is the last time you can do this before the vendor changes to the new quarter.

2. Print/export any Better Reports you want to save for current quarter 

3. Update Website Banner to new quarter dates

4. Update Snippets to reflect student registration dates

Text on no-buy-button template
Text on no-cart-class template

5. Update Products (day, time, description, metafields, vendor, cart template)

Assign Vendor as new quarter, hold, not running, or archive

Small Ensembles
Big Bands
Vocal Offerings

Update Current Quarter filter in products to new the quarter

Set Templates to no cart templates

Update Current Quarter filter in inventory to new the quarter

Update Inventory of seats for each class and set date/time to show class (if desired)

6. Update Better Reports filters - change vendor to the current quarter in all "current" reports

Print/export Current Starting Inventory Report and save for next quarter

Run Admin: Check Taxable… report to confirm taxable is off

Run Admin: Check Templates report to confirm cart is off

 7. Update Collections “Product Vendor is equal to (current quarter)”

8. Make sure Pre-Registration Lock in Locksmith App is disabled

9. Test website - Website is now live for viewing with no carts (unless a product has a template set to “product”)

10. Send Email to entire JNS mailing list (link this to whatever new mailing system we use, such as Campaign Monitor)