Jazz Night School Winter Session: January 6th - March 16th

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Do you need entertainment for your party, reception, or other event? Consider hiring a combo from Jazz Night School.

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About Jazz Night School Combos

Size: We can provide combos and ensembles ranging in size from a trio to a 17-piece jazz big band.

Cost: Trios and quartets start at $400 for two hours of music with a short 10-minute break. We also have Brazilian and Gypsy Jazz ensembles, as well as a Traditional Jazz combo. Please note that although Jazz Night School is a nonprofit, payment for music services rendered by JNS musicians is not tax-deductible.

Scheduling: We ask that ensembles and bands be booked at least one month prior to your event so we can schedule our musicians. [Many of our students are working adults, so if your event is scheduled during a weekday, we may need additional time to schedule musicians.] Events outside the Seattle area may incur additional fee and may require special scheduling for our musicians, so contact us as early as possible for these.

Performance space requirements: A trio requires a minimum of 8’x10′, while a big band requires at least 14’x20′. JNS musicians provide their own equipment, but will need access to a power source. Outdoor performances require a tent to cover the ensemble in case of inclement weather.

Additional details are included in our Letter of Agreement provided when scheduling your event.

Audio Samples

Gypsy Jazz
Quintet Mix
Modern Jazz
Trad Jazz Mix
Guitar Duo
Latin Jazz

Big Band
Bemsha Swing
Pennies from Heaven

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