Registration is Open        Summer Session 1: June 17-July 21 • Summer Session 2: July 22-August 25

How to Enroll

Jazz Night School welcomes musicians of all ages and skill levels and accommodate most instruments.


Jazz Night School prides itself in placing students into ensembles and classes that will provide challenge while remaining accessible to their skill level. See Jazz Night School's Small Jazz Ensemble Levels Matrix for reference.

If you don't feel you're ready for an ensemble, or if you are new to an instrument, we are happy to assist you with private instruction.

New Students

Before enrolling, new Jazz Night School students must schedule a brief meeting with us to assess current skill level—to play a bit and help us learn what your goals are. This is important so you are able to enroll in an ensemble or class that's just right for your skill level. After your level has been determined, you can register online for ensembles and classes. Contact us to schedule a meeting, or for more information.

Pre-registration meetings for vocal students are optional and usually not necessary for vocalist students. Feel free to register without contacting us.