Mission & Vision

Jazz Night School uplifts lives by providing an exceptional, supportive environment where people of all ages and abilities come together to learn, perform, and enjoy jazz.

Jazz has the power to humanize and connect people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. We envision a vibrant jazz community that fosters artistic development and creative empowerment.

Jazz Night School, located in Seattle, takes pride in ensuring the best possible environment for our participants to experience growth through their jazz studies. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where students can see substantial growth in their jazz studies at a pace that best suits them. While some participants may enjoy a more leisurely pace for learning, others might desire a faster pace. It is our mission to ensure participants of all levels and paces are placed in classes most appropriate for them, ensuring a quality jazz education.

Jazz Night School is a nonprofit

What is a nonprofit? A nonprofit organization not only looks to the community for support, but also to support the community. It is truly an organization made of the people, for the people, and by the people. Jazz Night School seeks to provide a quality jazz education program in Seattle, and also to provide the community with opportunities to hear and learn about jazz music. We make education our primary goal, and provide tuition assistance to anyone who is in need.

Why nonprofit? We looked to leading music education organizations to learn how they achieved their success and found that a cornerstone of their success is their nonprofit status. This legal structure allows for fundraising to increase revenue in order to keep tuition levels down while remaining financially stable. Funds from outside the organization can come from grants, corporate donations, individual donations, and sponsorships. By keeping tuition down, we can serve and empower more musicians!

We see an exciting future for Jazz Night School

Along with our exciting growth in the Seattle Jazz community, our vision of Jazz Night School’s future has also grown. Our upcoming plans include:

  • Welcoming more musicians of all ages and levels.
  • Bringing jazz to those in our region who might not otherwise have access.
  • Sponsoring guest artist clinics with jazz icons.
  • Continuing to provide and expand:
    • Rehearsal, classroom, practice, and performance spaces
    • Quality instruments and equipment
    • Recording facilities

You can help!

Jazz Night School’s tuition revenue accounts for just over half of our operating budget. Finding ways to generate the additional revenue is critical to our sustainability. Won’t you please consider getting involved?