Jazz Night School Winter Session: January 6th - March 16th

Anton Schwartz Workshops - November 18, 2017


Anton Schwartz Workshops

Saturday, November 18, 2017- Two Workshops:

10:00 am - 12:30 pm - Improvising over Jobim's Wave

We delve deeply into this classic composition by Antonio Carlos Jobim, examining its harmony in ways that will directly help us improvise over it, discussing the chord progression on both a micro level (how each chord leads to the next) and a big-picture level (how they all work together to form a coherent song). Suggestions are given for ways to mentally simplify the song's structure, as well as ways to embellish to the chord changes. Students optionally improvise over the song and are critiqued, with recommendations given for a direct path to improvement.

Prerequisites: Improvisational experience and knowledge of basic jazz harmony, including all major, minor, mixolydian and diminished scales.

Bring your instrument (optional).

1:30 - 4:00 pm - Math for Jazz Music

Modular Arithmetic. Mutually Prime. Rotational Symmetry. Have I lost you yet? Terms like these are foreign to most of us, but what they stand for are things that, as musicians, we unknowingly deal with all the time. Let’s get our geek on and learn some new ways of talking about harmony and rhythm… ways that we can put to powerful use in better understanding and internalizing the music we play.

Prerequisite: familiarity with basic musical concepts such as chord types and the circle of fifths.