Essential Skills & Studies for Jazz Vocalists,
Alina Turnipseed,
Thursday, 6:15-7:45pm

Class ID: CESAXT087

In this class, you will learn and explore the varied skills that jazz singers must have to succeed as bandleaders and sing jazz. As you enhance your storytelling you will gain ear training, theory, and melodic/rhythmic knowledge to expand your jazz vocabulary and expressive abilities.

Focus will be on developing musicianship to creatively modify melodies, improvise, and/or generally feel more confident in your knowledge of the jazz language. We’ll use short melodic and harmonic transcriptions to build fluency and practice creative exercises over jazz standards.  
  • Learn the basic skills necessary to gain competency to guide yourself and your musicians through your performance 
  • Develop interesting and creative ways to modify a melody, make it your own, and/or improvise using more advanced ideas (harmonically, melodically, rhythmically, and using chromaticism)
  • Internalize and communicate a strong sense of rhythm & groove
  • Learn to know what you’re hearing & connect your ear to your instrument

      Class meets 1.5 hour weekly

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