Essential Skills & Studies for Jazz Vocalists,
Alina Turnipseed,
Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm

In this class, you will learn and explore the varied skills that jazz singers must have to succeed as bandleaders and sing jazz. As you enhance your storytelling you will gain ear training, theory, and melodic/rhythmic knowledge to expand your jazz vocabulary and expressive abilities. There will be plenty of opportunities to sing, and practice on a weekly basis.

Focus will be on basic healthy vocal technique, as well as developing musicianship to creatively modify melodies, improvise, and/or generally feel more confident in your knowledge of the jazz language. We’ll use short melodic and harmonic transcriptions to build fluency and practice creative exercises over jazz standards.

The class offers weekly opportunities to sing, and apply new concepts.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

    • Use healthy technique in a comfortable range
    • Warm up your own voice
    • Understand basic vocal vocabulary
    • Understand and use common jazz terms and song forms
    • Interpret and perform a song with authentic melodic and rhythmic choices
    • Improvise over several commonly used jazz song forms
    • Learn and perform vocal/instrumental aural transcriptions
    • Perform in front of other students
    • Employ critical listening skills


  • Make sure you have water (hydration is key to a healthy voice)
  • Have an extra device (apart from the one you’re using zoom on) from which you can play audio files.
  • Download the iReal Pro app (Android and iOS) and be ready to use it during class.

Zoom Video Conferencing free account required for this class. Further instructions upon purchase. 

This is a 10 week course, meeting online once a week for 90 minutes. Instructors will live stream via Zoom Video Conferencing at the scheduled meeting times. We recognize that there will likely be a learning curve with this technology and will do our best to provide technical support throughout this process.