Illy Bogart Workshop - April 6, 2019

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Illy Bogart Workshop

Saturday, April 6, 2019

10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Modern Jazz Composition and Improvisation

Illy Bogart presents an exciting and interactive workshop on modern, genre-fluid jazz composition and improvisation. So much jazz writing centers around the Melody-Solo-Melody form, AABA forms and the Blues, yet modern jazz composers/musicians from Wayne Shorter to Snarky Puppy have found other ways to write exciting music that blends genres and pushes jazz improvisation in new and engaging ways. 

Learn how to compose and perform music that connects with a modern audience. Using techniques like sectional composition, “point of view” writing, pedal points and connecting ideas, you can learn to compose pieces that are unique, explorative, and yet accessible beyond the normal scope of traditional jazz music. 

These new forms push improvisers to deal with new rhythmic and harmonic structures, which require a different approach than say, most bebop tunes. Members of Illy Bogart will introduce you to modern improvisation techniques such as triad pairs, “free” pattern and rhythmic playing, and pentatonic tricks. 

About Illy Bogart

Illy Bogart draws from a wide reaching plethora of influences from classic jazz, modern funk, and hip hop to bring something new, impactful, and exciting. Celebrating the release of their debut album, Illy Bogart brings new compositions and their unique musical voice. Featuring Tony Peebles (Tommy Igoe, Pacific Mambo Orchestra, Katchafire) and Lyle Link (Warren Wolf, Ralph Peterson) on saxophones, Ian McArdle (Erik Jekabson, Jacam Manricks) on keyboards, Kai Lyons (Wil Blades, Joe Cohen), Owen Clapp (Bruce Forman) and Isaac Schwartz (Negative Press Project, High Standards) on drums.