Kelly Ash's smooth, powerhouse vocals, shimmery 80s synth-pop, and thick layer of groove provides the soundtrack to the perfect night out or a laid-back house party.  Unapologetically embracing her pop roots, but pulling heavily from years of jazz training and fronting top-40 dance bands, Kelly’s music is made for those moments when you want to create a good vibe -- whether you’re getting ready to head out to your favorite bar or club, dancing in a crowd with your favorite people, or snuggling up with someone special, or even careening down the mountain on a snowboard.

Kelly holds a Master of Music degree from NYU, a Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts, and is currently on faculty at Cornish College of the Arts, teaching private lessons in voice, piano, and songwriting, and teaching Musicianship classes (theory, ear-training, piano, etc) required of all majors in the department.

Kelly’s hard-hitting band of Seattle’s finest includes Andrew Vait (SISTERS, Little Wins), Dave Dalton (Macklemore, 2AM Club), RL Heyer (Your Sweet Action, Big Tooth, Flowmotion), David Dawda (Fruit Bats), and Brad Boal (Nearly Dan, Topline Beats). Incidentally, they’re all also really good friends and have a blast playing music together.