Learn to Feel Chords Intuitively & Play by Ear,
Clif Swiggett,
Tuesday, 7:30-9:00pm

Develop your ability to hear chord progressions and melodies, play by ear as you grow your harmonic vocabulary, and play with more confidence and emotion. As an “ears-on” approach to harmonic ear training (should there be any other way?), this class offers an innovative and thoughtfully guided path toward the goal of stronger musicianship. 

Students taking this class should consider purchasing the highly-effective, experiential ear training app Harmony Cloud™, developed by jazz vibraphonist Stefon Harris and class instructor Clif Swiggett.  Harmony Cloud is not required for the 5 week online version of the class.  But it allows students to practice concepts being taught with more depth and variety.

"I have struggled with ear training, particularly with learning to distinguish chords. With the Harmony Cloud™ app, I have made significant progress…I highly recommend this class." – Marcy Reed

Student Requirements:

  • An interest in growing your ears, being able to hear chord qualities, and wanting to play melodies and improvise by ear.
This is a 10 week course, meeting online once a week for 90 minutes. Instructors will live stream via Zoom Video Conferencing at the scheduled meeting times. We recognize that there will likely be a learning curve with this technology and will do our best to provide technical support throughout this process.