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Online Jared Hall Workshop

Saturday, July 25th, 2020:

10:00 am - 12:00 pm - The Piano Grip System: An Approach to Jazz Harmony

This workshop is designed to give you the introduction to an approach for learning piano harmony and theory, maximizing understanding of theoretical concepts through shape and visualization, to aid in improvisation.  This method is primarily for non-pianists seeking to improve their knowledge of harmony and theory through the piano. 

For the workshop, it would be helpful to have a pen/pencil for notes and a keyboard/piano.  PDF worksheets will be provided.  Each participant will receive a 25% discount opportunity for the book “The Piano Grip System:  An Approach to Learning Jazz Harmony.”

The Workshop Covers:
  1. the chord structures major, minor, dominant, half-diminished, diminished and altered
  2. scales including major, Dorian, melodic minor and diminished
  3. piano voicings including closed and drop two
  4. application to the jazz standard Stella by Starlight
  5. inversions, common chord progressions and enharmonics
General Benefits of The Piano Grip System:
  1. a development of jazz piano skills specifically for the non-pianist
  2. a stronger understanding of chord-scale relationships

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