Jazz Night School offers in-person performance ensembles for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level musicians. Most ensembles provide potential for year-long continuity. Our ensembles represent a range of styles including mainstream jazz (from standards to post-bop), Trad Jazz, Hot Club Jazz, Latin/Salsa, Brazilian, and more. Ensembles range in size from trios to full big bands, with an average size of about 5 or 6 people. (Listings below.)

Jazz Night School ensembles provide students valuable learning experiences while playing with others under the mentorship of a highly experienced musician and educator. Weekly rehearsals work on a manageable amount of music and use song study to develop knowledge and skills appropriate for the level of ensemble. Ensembles receive direction as a unit and each member gets individual guidance. Emphasis is placed on learning music by ear and by rote rather than through written materials. In most ensembles, written music will be provided, but not required. 

Jazz Night School instructors are distinguished professional musicians who are outstanding educators and enthusiastic about helping people learn and perform music. 

We welcome musicians of all skill levels and instruments. Most ensembles assemble students with similar skill levels, therefore placement auditions are required for new students and Jazz Night School provides placement oversight for all ensembles. You can learn more about Jazz Night School levels by reviewing our Small Jazz Ensemble Levels Matrix, and browsing our resources area for content related to your instrument or area of focus. 

Enrollment Information

Currently enrolled students are provided the option to keep their existing placement(s) during our pre-registration process (offered prior to winter, spring, and summer sessions). If a student skips a quarter, they might not be able to re-enter the same ensemble later in the same school year. Students requesting a change of ensemble during the year, and students wishing to enter into ensembles at winter, spring and/or summer sessions need to go through the general registration process to be placed in an ensemble. 

Students new to Jazz Night School should contact us to schedule a skills assessment before enrolling. 

How to register

Click on the listing of your chosen offering below to learn more and register.