Jazz About Town

What is Jazz About Town?

Filling the streets with joyful jazz in July and August, Jazz About Town is a series of free music performances by Jazz Night School students and faculty, enjoyed by thousands of Seattleites.

Jazz About Town is also a critical fundraiser for our Tuition Assistance Fund, ensuring that everyone who wants to participate in our adult jazz education community (and join in the fun!) may do so regardless of their financial means. Your donations support other Jazz Night School students. 

If you are planning to participate in Jazz About Town, all participants are asked to secure donations/sponsorships totaling at least $250.

Participants, please register and contribute $250 here.

If $250 is a challenge, your friends, employers, and family may collectively contribute to the $250 registration fee/donation on your behalf or simply make a donation here.

(If you are donating on behalf of someone, please indicate who your donation is for on your form).

Thank you for your participation, donations, and for helping Jazz Night School’s Tuition Assistance Fund!

View photos from Jazz About Town 2021