Advanced Combos

Playing music together!

Advanced Combos at Jazz Night School focus on extending students’ abilities to function and perform in a variety of jazz genres. Combos work on two to five pieces each quarter to expand their improvisational vocabulary and facility over songs with a wide variety of harmonic and rhythmic content.

While the listen-first approach is at the root of all Jazz Night School curriculum, advanced combos will include discussions of music theory concepts as well as improvisational techniques and approaches. Comfort with jazz theory and its use in improvisation are necessary. Instructors provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to each combo member at every rehearsal. Each session culminates in a performance at a local jazz venue.    

Advanced level combos are designed to utilize skills taught in our advanced level classes - learn more about Advanced Classes. 

Combos at Jazz Night School: 

  • Meet 90 minutes in person once a week for 10 weeks
  • Are open to any instrument and range in size from trio to full band with vocals and melody instruments
  • Contain only one member per rhythm section instrument 
  • Are usually comprised of students with similar skill levels

Our combos provide potential for staying with the same group throughout the year.

Jazz Night School provides placement oversight for all combos, and placement is contingent on availability and enrollment. Skills assessments are required for new students or advancement of level. Learn more about Advanced Combos' songs and goals here.

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