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Innovative adult education - beginning, intermediate, and advanced

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To check out our different offerings use the In-Person or Online menus above. From there, you can explore our programs including Combos, Big Bands, Online Classes, and Private Instruction. Once you've found the offering that interests you, simply go to its page and register from there. Tuition for our ten-week courses range from $295 to $595, and tuition assistance is available.

New Students

Jazz Night School provides innovative music education designed for adults. Enjoy quality instruction for all skill levels - fun, supportive, and judgement-free. Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned performer, we have a place for you.

New Students

Announcing Back-to-School Specials!

We are happy to announce a few fall specials! Sign up now to take advantage of these great deals!

Rainier Valley Voices and Online Classes are only $295.

Big Band Express and Performance Big Band are back and only $395.


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Remembering Bill Berry

Big Bands are Back!

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Online Classes

Rhythm Training, Secret Edge of Solfege, Jazz Melody Studies...

Beginning Classes and Combos go better together!

Why Take Online Classes?

Play together, learn together.

Learning to make music, like many abilities people acquire, depends on “doing”. Jazz Night School has proven this with all our performance-based learning experiences within combos and big bands. That’s great because we can learn in the company of others - even more fun and rewarding.

Is that all it takes?

Growing musicianship however requires development of core areas which require individual work. In fact, the amount of solitary time invested and the quality of effort dedicated to developing these primary components of music-making, directly determine the state of our musicianship... more here.

Students are saying:

I really love having online classes, I am taking Jared Hall's class and I'm learning a lot even if we are not together in-person.

I have been amazed that I found an avenue to play an instrument that I love and took up very late in life (55) with instructors and people who are encouraging and fun. 

Cindy Goodwin

 Jazz Night School combines great teaching with a real sense of community. I'll be playing music here for many years to come. Thanks JNS!

Jazz Night School is fulfilling a long-held dream to become a better player.

Warren Wilson

Playing music that I love with other people gives me such joy. I'm gaining confidence, improving my skills, and having fun doing it!

It is great to share my passion with others and work on a creative endeavor through Jazz Night School. I appreciate the positive energy, making new friends with the same interest and finding new avenues to play together.

Marianne Gonterman

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