Shell Voicings for Guitar - Part 1

Shell voicings are the ideal place to begin the process of building jazz voicings on guitar. They are relatively easy to play, are ideal for swing music, and contain only the necessary notes for each of the four basic chord types found in typical jazz tunes. 

Shell Voicings for Guitar - Part 2

In the previous lesson we looked at three shell voicings that can be used for a major II-V-I progression. In that chord pattern, the roots of the II and the I chords were on the A string. In this lesson we will learn a second pattern that places roots of the II and I chords on the E string.

Shell Voicings for Guitar - Part 3

In the previous two lessons, we learned and practiced two versions of the major II-V-I progression using shell voicings. In this lesson, we will combine the two chord patterns and apply them to the 1953 Duke Ellington hit “Satin Doll.”

Guitar Comping - Part 1: Chunking

In this lesson, we’ll cover one of the most common rhythms that jazz guitarists use to comp for swing grooves.