New Students

Beginning, intermediate, or advanced

Jazz Night School provides innovative music education designed for adults. Enjoy quality instruction for all skill levels - fun, supportive, and judgement-free. Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned performer, we have a place for you.

Schedule a skills assessment

We ask all new students to schedule a complimentary skills assessment so we can help you figure out the best place to start. This is NOT an audition, but a conversation about your musical experiences, goals, and interests, and a chance for you to ask questions about Jazz Night School and our offerings.

If you want to join us but have missed the beginning of a ten-week session, we still recommend scheduling a skills assessment so we can help you plan the best way to get started.

In-person learning

Jazz Night School welcomes you to our building for in-person Combos and Big Band.

Important Note Regarding Combo Placement - Jazz Night School is dedicated to finding the best learning experience for everyone involved. Some of the criteria we consider in determining combo placements include: matching ability levels within groups, compatibility of individuals in the groups (students and instructors), allowing the highest number of students to participate, student availability, and date of registration. Despite our best efforts, there is always a chance that an individual may not be able to be placed in a combo.

Online learning

All Jazz Night School Classes are offered online and students from all locations are welcome to enroll.

What is it like to learn with us?

“I am actually learning something - and using it. Having real jazz mentors makes a huge difference.” Jef V.

As a student at Jazz Night School, you'll be part of a friendly, supportive community that shares a love and deep appreciation for jazz music in all its various forms. Our primary goals are to provide a welcoming space where people can learn about and help grow the tradition of jazz, and to offer an innovative educational experience designed for adults. Your learning is our top priority. 

Whatever your skill level, our program can help you improve your musicianship and discover your own unique musical voice. For new students, we provide a complimentary skills assessment where you share your goals and interests and we point you to the most appropriate offerings. Each quarter we offer a wide variety of classes and workshops on improvisation, theory, ear training, and specialized topics. Our online classes feature lots of discussion and opportunity for questions and answers. There are no grades at Jazz Night School; rather, instructors give each student individual feedback on an ongoing basis. Everyone's effort is valued. Combos and larger ensemble opportunities culminate in end-of-quarter performances at a local nightclub. This is a fun-filled evening where friends and family come to applaud student efforts and cheer them on to new heights of musical expression!

We understand that most of our students have important life commitments and sometimes aren't able to put in as much practice time as they would like. We get it. Our goal is to support your musical aspirations at whatever pace you are able to sustain at this time in your life.


Jazz Night School instructors are some of the finest musicians and educators in Seattle’s vibrant jazz community. Some have learned their art through old school traditions and others have studied at premier institutions. 


Tuition for Jazz Night School is per offering and found with each combo, class, or workshop listing under the "Join" menu of this website. Registration and placement for any offering requires payment in full (unless special arrangements have been made). Payments can be made by credit card, check, or cash.


Jazz Night School charges a quarterly registration fee for all students entering a session. We do not charge this fee for students in private instruction, or for workshops.

Tuition Support

One of the core missions of Jazz Night School is to provide everyone the opportunity to learn jazz, regardless of financial obstacles. To this end, we provide tuition support in the form of full or partial waivers for ensembles or classes to those students who are in need.

If you would like to register for an ensemble or class, but need tuition support or need to apply for it, be sure to:

  1. Prior to the start of the session, contact us at  
  2. Fill out the tuition support application
  3. We will send you a tuition support discount code. 
  4. Use this code when registering online.

Once your tuition support has been approved, you can use your code for the remaining quarters of the year. You must reapply for tuition support on a yearly basis.


Please contact us here or call us at (206) 722 6061 if you have any questions.