Registration is Open        Summer Session 1: June 17-July 21 • Summer Session 2: July 22-August 25

Vocal Offerings

Jazz Night School offers valuable experiences studying or performing under the mentorship of a jazz vocalist/instructor. We welcome vocalists of all skill levels and provide opportunities for qualified instrumental students. See Jazz Night School's Small Jazz Ensemble Levels Matrix for reference if needed.

Registration Instructions

  • VOCALIST STUDENTS: Pre-registration meetings are optional and usually not necessary for vocalist students. Feel free to register without contacting us.
  • INSTRUMENTAL STUDENTS: Check levels and prerequisites to sign up for an appropriate offering. Contact us if you don't know your level. 
  • NEW INSTRUMENTAL STUDENTS: Before enrolling, new Jazz Night School students must schedule a meeting to assess current skill level.
  • TUITION WAIVERS: If you need a tuition waiver, contact us to get registered for classes or ensembles.
  • REGISTRATION FEES: An annual registration fee is due each Fall or upon entry during the school year (unless entering in Summer quarter).