Adding B String Notes to Shell Voicings - Part 3: Minor II-V-I

For the final II-V-I pattern of this series we will need to introduce a new chord type with the V7(#5) chord, as well as a chord shape which is not directly derived from our previous II-V-I patterns. 

This II-V-I pattern is based on the first pattern introduced in the shell voicings series. This is the minor key variation which requires the II chord to have a flat 5 and the V chord to have a raised 5th. Finally, the I chord in this example is a minor 6/9 type. As mentioned in the previous lesson, the I chord in a minor II-V-I is often a 6, 6/9, 7th, or even a triad if it fits the song well.   

As with most guitar chords, there are several fingerings possible for the above examples. Experiment with what works best for you. You might use different fingerings depending on the context of a given chord, or which notes you want to emphasize.  

Now that you’ve gotten two variations on both the major and the minor II-V-I under your fingers, take a look at the example tunes provided or jump right into using these chord shapes on your favorite jazz standards.

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