Ian Hughes

Current quarter classes with Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes is a Seattle native, and versatile guitar player, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Locally raised, he attended schools with intense jazz programs, and cut his musical teeth at the music program at Shoreline College, as well as the thriving local jam scene. He was awarded as an “Outstanding Soloist” at the 2009 North Texas Jazz Festival. Ian graduated from University of Washington in 2013.

In addition to accepting regular accompanist and recording gigs, Ian plays for several bands, including his own jazz fusion group, Freudian Slurp, neo-soul band, The Sanctuary, and the wedding/event funk band, The Chancellors. He has been teaching, playing and writing professionally for a decade. He has released four albums as a leader with various groups.

Ian helped to found the epic "Mo' Jam Monday" jam session, in 2013 (which is still growing and thriving each week at Nectar Lounge, after his departure from the crew in 2016). He played guitar every week in the house band for three years, and provided musical direction during his last year with the group. Ian also plays regularly in local musical theater pits, and plays solo guitar performances whenever he gets the chance. In 2015, he had the privilege of attending a very intimate (10 student) session of Victor Wooten’s Music and Nature Camp, which resulted in a week of intensive clinics on teaching and learning music, and playing/studying with world class musicians, including Victor himself.

These experiences have led Ian to perform in some notable venues, such as Jazz Alley, The Village Theater, Live on the Local Jazz Station KNKX, The TV Show "Band in Seattle", The Federal Way Symphony, The Moore Theater. Ian has had the pleasure of exchanging notes with renowned musicians like Roy Hargrove, Ingrid Jensen, Victor Wooten, Thomas Marriott, Jessica Lurie, Marina Albero, Farko Dosumov, and many other legendary musicians from Seattle and beyond.