Online Combos

Online Combos

Jazz Night School offers two types of online combo experiences using free software. Both types will meet weekly for 90 minutes, for ten weeks with instructors and fellow ensemble members. Our combos represent a range of styles including mainstream jazz (from standards to post-bop), Trad Jazz, Hot Club Jazz, Latin/Salsa, and Brazilian. Virtual end-of-session performances are held to present music from all combos.

Live Online Combos

For Live Online Combos, students will convene weekly via a Jamulus server to learn and work on music, and play together in real-time, from remote locations. Visual contact is provided through Zoom when needed. More info on using Jamulus is available here.

Online Recording Combos

In Online Recording Combos, students will convene weekly in Zoom meetings to learn music and receive coaching. Between weekly meetings, students will practice on their own and work in BandLab to record their part of their combo’s performance. This process is extremely valuable because it allows students to get comfortable with hearing recordings of their playing, which can significantly increase their rate of improvement! More info on using BandLab is available here.