Using BandLab

For Jazz Night School's Online Recording Combos, students will convene weekly in Zoom meetings to learn music and receive coaching. During the weeks, students will practice on their own and work in BandLab to record their part of their combo’s performance.

BandLab is a free online app/website that students need to join prior to starting a Jazz Night School Online Recording Combo. Instructors will create projects in BandLab and invite students to collaborate. It’s helpful to experiment with using BandLab before joining a combo. A Jazz Night School orientation video for using BandLab is available here.

Needed for Online Recording Combos

  • Computer and access to the internet
  • BandLab account (free)
    • USB audio interface "Input Box" (such as Behringer UM2, Scarlett Solo or 2i2, or others, $50-$200). Alternatives:
      • A USB microphone can work instead of a mic plus a USB audio interface "Input Box" (sound quality might not be as good but often just fine for these purposes).
      • (In a worst-case scenario, students can use the microphone built into their computer or device.)
    • Microphone, mic cable and mic stand if your instrument is acoustic
    • 1/4" cable if you play an electric instrument and are using a USB audio interface "Input Box"
    • Headphones - optional